Малкото фламинго, което прелетя от Сицилия до Поморие

Ето какво публикуваха приятелите от Riserva Saline Di Priolo, ,където се е родила птицата фламинго.

Fearless and courageous, the ringed flamingos of Saline di Priolo give us another beautiful story. This time, it’s up to E: HHV, a young Priola flamingo born in spring 2021 and recently observed in Eastern Europe. Hristo ANESTEV, Bulgarian photographer, informs us, through his captivating shots, that E: HHV, has reached Pomorie Lake, on the Black Sea, about 400 km from Sofia. Like Thapsos, the flamingo also ringed in Saline di Priolo and observed a few weeks ago in the United Arab Emirates, E: HHV first made a journey west to reach the Saline di Trapani, a Natural Reserve of the Sicilian Region managed by the WWF, to then go back and go to the Bulgarian destination in the east of the country.

These Sicilian flamingos are real wanderers, they are lovers of adventure and travel and with their flights, they are allowing us to collect numerous scientific information which, in the end, will be used for their own conservation. The attached photos are by Hristo ANESTEV and were taken in Pomorie Lake – Burgas – BULGARIA on January 20, 2022. Thanks to Hristo for sharing the interesting observation